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We connect you to safe Pharmacies.
We connect safe Pharmacies to you.

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Searching for medication and other services from the comfort of your mobile phone.

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Query the various registered Pharmacies on the platform.

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With our user friendly application you can search for Pharmacies, medication, post queries, upload your prescription and get feedback from registered Pharmacies.


Safe Medicines should be available to all individuals irrespective of their location.
Dawa Soko is a mobile phone application platform that enables you to interact with any of the registered Pharmacies in the country.


Dawa Soko enables anyone, anywhere in the country to access registered Pharmacies and communicate with the pharmacists, from the comfort of your mobile phone.
You will get access to trusted safe Medication and Medicines Information
Dawa Soko has been created by a team of professionals from the Pharmacy and other professional background. We have pooled together our expertise from our various fields and also our experiences as patients and also Medical providers.